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Sophisticated Junkies

Sophisticated Junkies Glow in the dark Power Hitter

Sophisticated Junkies Glow in the dark Power Hitter

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Product information:

Product Category: Smoking Tools
Windproof function: yes
Size: 86*180mm


●Since the PowerHitter is virully unbreakable, you can lterally toss it aCross
the room - giving new meaning to Puft, puff pass!"Concemed about germs? The PowerHiter blasts a steady stream of smoke directly into your mouth lor nose) with no contact on the mouthpiece required, making it is seemingly one of the most sanitary ways you can smoke a pre-oll.
●Avoid burn holes to your bed, cdothes and your skin. Since the PowerHitter is a totally self -contained unit, you won't have to worry about ashes or hot embers ever again.
●Stop wasting your material. Since the PowerHitter bottle captures 100% of
the smoke, there's zero waste - which means the only smoke you're putting in the environment is coming from your lungs. Plus, you can smoke every milimeter of a pre-roll without worrying about roach clips or burming your fingers

Packing list:

Plastic pipe*1

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